An easy to understand programming language for children


Keywords and Usage

Many children don't realise the difference in character case until a later age, so all our keywords are not case-sensitive. In more advanced programming, this could be a problem, but in an extremely high-level, and simple programming language like KIDS, it's great way to get them understanding keyword usage.
Each keyword is paired with an example to point you in the right direction to how they can be used.

    Getting Started

  • SAY

    This is used to output text and numbers to the console window.

    > SAY 'Hello World!'
  • Variable Creation

  • MAKE

    Allows you to make variables, which can be assigned to with 'IS'.

    > MAKE myVariable
  • Assignment Operators

  • IS

    Assignment operator, allows you to set variables to numbers or a string of characters.

    > myVariable IS 10
  • ASK

    This allows the user to input something, usually followed by a variable name made with 'MAKE' for assignment.

    > ASK myVariable
  • Arithmetic Operators

  • ADD

    Used to add two numbers or number variables.

    > 4 ADD 2
  • TAKE

    Used to take a number away from another number.

    > 5 TAKE 2

    Used to multiply a number by another number.

    > 8 TIMES 8