An easy to understand programming language for children

What is KIDS?

Kids is a small, interpreted programming language built on top of Java.


It's easy to understand syntax makes it a great way to get kids programming from a young age.
Most languages today use strange words to indicate different things, we try to keep it simple by using the basics, and by only including words that most kids understand from a young age.
We use easy to access keys so children don't need to use the shift key when programming with the KIDS language.
Only the bare essentials are included, to help build a foundation of knowledge, before they can move on to more advanced languages.

Where now?

You can head over to the documentation page to find out more about the syntax that we use.
If you want to see the language in action, you can check out our examples, which try to implement everything at a slow pace.
Downloads will give you access to our interpreter, and also a fully-functioning IDE which allows for an easier programming experience.

Can I pay you?

We created this language for our own children, so ideally, no, besides there is no payment link, so tough luck.